There comes a time when the need for additional space in any home becomes pertinent. In such a scenario, one might be tempted to relocate. That’s quite a hassle. If your family is growing or you feel the need to add a new bedroom, sunroom, garage, or even toilet and bathrooms, Ap Cons will make it happen. You don’t have to relocate to an apartment you might not like when you can add what you need to your existing building.
Any contractor can attach a new bedroom or space to your existing building, but it takes an expert with a high level of creativity to design and add new structures that harmonize with the existing one. This is one of the things we do best in Toronto. When you talk about home addition, we’re a force to reckon with, and we take pride in our ability to deliver even beyond what our clients can imagine.
We don’t just expand your home physically; we know all it takes to enhance its exterior to suit the expansion. In fact, no one will spot the addition easily because everything will look like we built them together from the scratch. Whether you’re looking to create a nursery for one or more family members, expand the dining room to accommodate more persons during gatherings, or even add more living space where you can create long-lasting memories, Ap Cons is a team to call. 

We understand how destabilizing it could be to leave a neighborhood and space you like because you need an extra room, kitchen, lobby or just an extra garage. If that’s the case, we suggest you shouldn’t leave your neighborhood. Don’t fret! Our team of home addition experts will work with you to ensure we make your dream addition come alive.
Our home addition services are designed to meet your needs, ensuring we help you expand your home without eliminating the qualities that make the home yours. We work with our clients closely, and this makes us find issues and needs for corrections on time, so the result comes out perfect. 

When you choose to work with a home addition company like Ap Cons in Toronto, your project is handled by experts who are our team members. This means, no subcontractors our outsourcing of your project to others. This is why most property owners in Toronto choose to work with us. The chain of communication is intact, and you’ll be in a clear picture of the whole project, knowing what is happening and when.
We’re professionals in the home addition field, and we take pride in the services we deliver. We understand additions come in all sizes, shapes and architectural styles. So, each client has their requirements and things they hope to achieve. Ap Cons knows this and will create a solution that works for you. With thoughtful planning, expertise and attention to detail, we make your dream addition happen.