We do more than home additions! We offer the same level but customized thoughts, care and delivery to commercial projects that come to our desk. We’re Ap Cons, and we pride in our ability to deliver commercial renovation services others can’t beat.
Ap Cons is a leading brand that offers top-of-the-line commercial renovation services. We understand that at some point, the need to spruce up your commercial space arises and you can’t help but seek experts to update your space. This is where we come in handy with our experience and professionalism in commercial renovations.
Trust Ap Cons to rebuild or update your existing industrial facilities with the best renovation services you can get in Toronto. We bring the spike that ignites the functionality and aesthetics of your commercial building. 

While there are many contractors ready to jump on your project, you need an expert you can always count on. When it comes to commercial remodeling, we’re proud to say that our clients always count on our expertise. This is why we stand out in the entire Toronto with premium quality services.
Having completed a good number of renovation projects, we can tell you for free that Ap Cons takes the lead in this industry. We realize that being business owners goes beyond rendering services or selling products. It entails keeping your building modernized, updated and welcoming for all your clients. We know your business thrives better and brings in new customers when it’s visually appealing. Our experts are committed to taking this hassle off your shoulder. You most probably don’t need to relocate your business. Instead, give it a new look. This is what we do passionately.
At Ap Cons, we work with business owners hand-in-glove to ensure we give them exactly what they desire when it comes to renovating their commercial space. In some cases, we deliver even beyond our clients’ expectations and have them hoist our brand name in praise.  

It’s common for businesses to shut down for a long time because contractors are renovating their commercial space. We realize some projects take time more than others. But then, we always put your interest and satisfaction at the top of the list. So, when we work with you, we go far and above to ensure your business experiences lesser downtimes. This means we’ll deliver timely and not shut your business for a long time.
If you’re looking to attract higher quality employees, clients, or tenants, increase rental income or property value, improve public perception of your business, and create a safer environment for work, you should consider commercial renovations.
Our commercial renovation experts know all it takes to transform your commercial space into something you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s an office, a production space, restaurant, chain stores, tenant house or eve schools, we’ll work with you closely to deliver beyond your imaginations.
Contact us today to discuss your commercial renovation; we’d be glad to help.